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Faux Succulent Arrangement

For my birthday last year, one of my sisters got me this cute little red metal truck at a local craft fair. My bright idea was that I'd have it displayed in our home and change out the bed with fun seasonal decor! Then reality set in and the bed of this cute little truck has been empty for nearly a year. Sadly, our home is full of "good intentions!"

As I was scrolling through Instagram recently, I saw a beautiful succulent arrangement in a pumpkin and immediately thought "this would be perfect for my truck!" The only problem is that while I love plants, I'm the world's worst at keeping them alive. That's when I found these faux succulents online. Follow along for the simplest DIY faux succulent arrangement.

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Container for arrangement (metal truck)

Floral foam

Assorted succulents


Wire cutters

Step One:

Find a container for your arrangement. This could literally be anything. I chose to use my little red truck. Here's a similar one.

Step Two:

Fill your container with floral foam. You can find this at any craft store. You'll likely need to cut the foam down to size and it can be cut simply with a kitchen knife.

Step Three:

Start arranging the succulents. Wire cutters may be needed if the stems are too long for your container. I'm not at all good at flower arrangements, so I just started sticking the stems in the foam until I got something that was pleasing. You can also search the hashtag #succulentarrangements for inspiration.

I really liked that these succulents came in a set of 14 so that I didn't have to struggle trying to individually pick out succulents that would go together. While you can't really see it in the pictures, I do have assorted moss stuffed down around the succulents. I recommend adding the moss before your have all the succulents in place for ease of assembly.

Now this is a succulent arrangement that even I can keep alive!

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