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Mommy & Me Valentine Decor

My love for crafting goes back as far as I can remember. What started out as coloring and cutting construction paper has turned into a love for all things DIY for me. I don't know that my daughter will have the same love for it, but for now I'm going to provide opportunities for us to do it together until she tells me otherwise.

When I started thinking about what we could do as a Valentine's Day craft, I wanted to find something that was on her developmental level, but was also more than just a paper craft that was obviously done by a toddler. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE the art projects she brings home from school! They bring us so much joy. My husband and I are both suckers for anything she creates.

While searching through Pinterest for some inspiration, I found this cute little table top sign by Christmas Central and thought this would be the perfect project for us to do together!

Valentine Sign by Christmas Central

I know what you're thinking. How in the world can a 19 month old create this?! Hang with me. Remember, this is a joint project, not a solo one.

Using some scrap wood I already had on hand, I made a mini sign. I used a 1x6 for the sign and just cut it to where it was square. Typically, I use 1x2s for frame signs, but I had some scrap thin trim pieces that I used instead. Once they are cut, they are ready for stain. I used Minwax Special Walnut, but use whatever shade you like. After the stain was dry, I painted it white and lightly sanded it for the distressed look. Then just attach the frame pieces with wood glue. I always add nails just to be sure, but the truth is wood glue is strong enough here. Main reason I add nails is because I'm not patient enough to wait for it to dry and set.

<insert kiddo here>

I wanted my daughter to paint the wood beads for me. I gathered up some wood beads and separated them by intended colors in some Ziploc baggies.

Simply drop the beads in the baggie, squeeze some acrylic paint in the baggie and seal it tight. Hand the baggies over to your kiddo to shake up and play with which will essentially paint your beads. This is also a great sensory project for them.

Once they are done playing Picasso, you'll need to line your beads out on something to dry. I put mine on a paper plate. Don't worry if the paint isn't smooth. I personally liked it not to be painted perfectly because it gave them a textured look. It doesn't take long for the acrylic paint to dry.

Once dry, string your beads with jute cord.

Drill holes in the top and side of your sign trim to pull the cord through and then tie it off.

Instead of a message, I chose to cut out hearts on my Cricut Maker machine that represented our little family of four (which includes our pup, Marlee).

Final step is to put it on display and admire the project you created together. What my sweet little Ruby doesn't realize is this was so much more than an art project to her mama!

With all our love,

& Ruby :)

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