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Simple bathroom renovation.

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

We bought our house a little over a year ago and while we absolutely love the style and setting of our home, it is certainly dated inside. The good thing is that it's just basic cosmetic features that need updating, nothing structural.

For the first minor update, I tackled our spare bathroom. I love a good before/after!

The area needing the most attention was the sink (hello seashell!) and mirror. These two really dated the whole bathroom. We removed the seashell vanity top and replaced it with this vanity top at Home Depot.

Sink Tip: pay attention to side splashes. Only the back splash came with the new sink and the side splash had to be ordered online. I realized after we got the new sink installed that the side splash we needed was on back order and had been that way for over a year. Since I'm incredibly impatient, I found it on Amazon for double the cost and ordered it there.

The next thing I tackled was the mirror. Isn't the mirrored trim just awful?! I first started looking at mirrors to purchase then decided it was a bigger job than I wanted to tackle because I knew I'd have to repair the wall once it was removed since it was glued on. I did like the size of the mirror and when I started pricing mirrors that same size, they weren't cheap! So I decided I was going to make this one work.

I started out trying to remove the mirrored trim which was attached with foam sticky strips. My first attempt wasn't my brightest idea. Trying to force it off with a screwdriver wedge will just send shards of glass all over you and the room. My next attempt was a total success! I got fishing line, inserted it in one of the gaps and pulled it down the length of the mirror. It loosened the sticky strips allowing the trim to come right off! Then I just used goo-gone to get the rest of the sticky residue off.

For the new trim, I got a 1x4 board, cut it to size, and angled the corners with my miter saw. I stained the wood with Early American Miniwax stain and attached the trim with liquid nails. While the trim dried, I put painters tape across the trim to hold it in place so it dried exactly in place. I loved the way it turned out! Looks like a brand new mirror for a fraction of the cost.

Next, I painted the vanity cabinet and added faux shiplap on the side of the cabinet to give it a little character. I got the idea from Southern Pine Designs. She has a GREAT tutorial on how to add faux shiplap. Only difference is I did not glue mine on because I wanted to be able to easily remove it if it didn't turn out the way I planned. Click here for her full tutorial.

Then last but not least, I added some shelves over the toilet. I purchased the brackets from Modern Urban Metals on Etsy and spray painted them black matte. I got the 5.5" size so that I could use 2x6 boards as the shelves. (Note: 2x6's are actually 5.5" wide, not 6" wide). I cut the boards to size, stained them in the same Early American Miniwax stain as the mirror trim, and just placed them in the brackets.

The rest of the updates were just accessories:

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Eventually we will replace the floor tile, but for now this mini renovation will hold us over until we tackle the flooring project. Onto the next project...

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