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Baby girl nursery reveal.

This is a room reveal that I once thought I would never get the chance to do. We will be having our little girl, Ruby, any day now. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm really living this dream!

I have to admit this room did not come together easily. I kept getting pieces here and there and had the overall vision in my head, but when I put it altogether, it just wasn't looking like I had envisioned. My poor husband was so patient and moved the furniture around multiple times.

The whole room started with these curtains from #SoftSurroundings. I had pinned them on Pinterest years ago, just hoping to have an excuse to buy them. Once I found out I was pregnant, I knew our little girl's room would be the perfect reason to invest in these curtains. Everything built from that.

The other aspect I knew I wanted was that it was full of furnishings and decor that had meaning. Let me tell you, her room has no shortage of meaningful decor. The changing table is actually a vanity that belonged to my late grandmother as well as the little girl picture over the rocker. The other little girl pictures hung in my room when I was a little girl.

I have my baby blanket which has little farm animals on it so I pulled in the farm animals on the wall. The middle farm animal picture of baby chicks is my absolute favorite part of our little girl's room! That picture was purchased at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893 and hung in my Grandpa John's nursery! That's an incredible piece of family history. My mom surprised me with it at one of my showers and there were instant waterworks. I will treasure the picture forever!

The little blue rocker was also mine as a little girl. We have pictures of me sitting in it at my second Christmas. Apparently I was concerned that my family would take my presents so I would gather them up, stack them in my chair, and sit on them. At some point the chair got painted blue. I originally thought I'd refinish it and give it a fresh coat of paint for Ruby, but I just could not bring myself to paint over those memories. I can't wait for Ruby to create her own memories in that chair!

I randomly saw someone get their baby's heartbeat painted as an art piece and I knew I needed to do the same thing! Four years ago on our honeymoon, we met the sweetest couple from Alabama. Thanks to social media we have stayed in contact and I have followed her art page, Chanel Thomas Art. Chanel did such a wonderful job painting this piece! I absolutely love it!

One of the latest additions to Ruby's sweet room is this antique chandelier. We had it hanging in our old house in our master bathroom, but hadn't really found a place for it when we moved into our new house. One weekend when my parents were up visiting, I thought it would look perfect in the nursery. When I asked my dad if he could switch out the ceiling fan and put the chandelier in it's place, he didn't even hesitate. When the light is on, it casts the coolest shadows all over the room! You can often find fixtures like this at your local antique stores.

Now that her room is finished, I find myself just sitting in there and smiling. Our Ruby has a room filled with pieces from the past as well as brand new pieces just for her. Here are links to the purchased items in her room:

Bed: Wayfair

Rug: Wayfair

Curtains: Soft Surroundings

Bookshelf: Walmart

Storage bins: Target

Picture frames: Hobby Lobby

Changing table pad: Target

Farm animal prints: Etsy - Lila + Lola

Frames for farm animal prints: Target

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