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DIY Cotton Wreath

Over the last couple of years, I've noticed that I have gravitated to cotton boll decor whether it's on a painting, pillow, or one of these wreaths. My husband is from southeast Arkansas and I love when we travel down there and the cotton fields are in full bloom. It honestly looks like the fields are snow covered! Check out these cotton farm photos taken by my talented father-in-law, Darrell Clifton.

My sweet mother-in-law knew my love of cotton and snagged me some straight off the farm so I could craft with it. Since I loved how the wreath turned out, my husband planted some cotton plants in our backyard this year so I had cotton of my own. I was shocked how well the cotton plants grew!

Are you ready for the simplest wreath tutorial ever?!


Cotton bolls or Cotton Garland

*tip: wait until it's on sale for 50% off or use the 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon

Grapevine wreath

Hot glue gun


Step one: Prep your cotton bolls. If you get the garland, you'll want to snip the bolls off the strand. Bonus points if you can get your hands on some authentic cotton plants!

Step two: Hot glue the bolls to the grapevine wreath. The level of fullness is a personal preference.

Step three {OPTIONAL}: Add a seasonal bow or embellishment.

Here's the one I created displayed on my #gallerywall in my living room.

For added inspiration, search the hashtag #cottonwreath on Instagram to find some beautiful cotton wreaths! Here are some of my favorites with the accounts highlighted that posted these wreaths. I love that these wreaths can easily transition across the seasons.

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