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Fence Post Pumpkin

I may be jumping the gun on the timing of this project, but once temps drop from blazing hot and football season starts, then to me it's time to start thinking about fall. I don't know if its the warm colors or that I'm a fall baby, but I've always loved the fall season!

Every year I try to add a little more to my fall decor and these fence post pumpkins are a cheap and easy project to make. You could make them a door hanger, display on your front porch or on your fireplace hearth...endless possibilities!


fence post

miter saw

jig saw

stain (any dark color will work)

grey paint (optional)

orange paint

paint brush

Vaseline (optional)

sander or sanding block

Step One: Cut your fence post into four parts.

Step Two: Put your posts together attached with two scrap pieces of wood on the back.

Step Three: Draw out a pumpkin on the boards and cut out with a jig saw. I also used my sander to smooth the edges.

Step Four: Stain the pumpkin. {OPTIONAL} Randomly apply grey paint streaks. Add Vaseline to the areas you want the the stain and grey paint to show through the orange top coat.

Step Five: Once the stain and grey paint dries, paint the orange top coat. If you used Vaseline, just paint right over the Vaseline. Once the top coat dries, take an old rag and wipe off the areas where you applied the Vaseline. The orange paint will wipe right off! This will save you time when sanding.

Step Six: Sand the pumpkin to the level of distressing you desire.

That's it! You're all done! At this point you could embellish with a bow. I made the Junque 2 Jewels rag bow for mine.

Happy Fall, y'all!

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