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IKEA furniture transformation.

I absolutely love furniture before and afters that completely transform a the look of a piece! I have been wanting to do this transformation for a while, but wouldn't let myself tackle the project until I got rid of our existing bedside tables. I'm notorious for starting multiple projects, but not finishing before starting on the next one. Not this time!

Materials needed:

I bought a pair of these Rast chest from IKEA for $35 each! Can you believe how cheap?! I don't shop IKEA often, but knew I "needed" these the moment I saw them. I really like having storage options in the bedside table.

I started off by simply putting the pieces together. When I first dumped all the materials on the floor, I was a little overwhelmed because none of the pieces were numbered or labeled. Once I stacked like pieces together, assembly was a breeze!

I then added trim pieces around the edges of the drawers. I used lattice moulding for the trim. It takes four 8ft pieces to cover both dresser drawers. Cut (12) 23" pieces and (12) 4.75" pieces. I just made a square joint, but a mitered (angle) joint would give a fancier finish. Since my shop time was limited due to baby girl coming soon, I just did a square finish so I could be sure to have it done before she arrived.

I just used wood glue to attach the trim pieces. You could add trim nails for a better hold, but the lattice moulding is so light weight the wood glue is plenty strong enough. I then sanded the edges to give a rounded edge.

Next is the stain. I suggest not fully putting the dresser drawers together. Just leave off the backs of the drawers. It makes the staining process MUCH easier. I used Early American Miniwax stain and put it on with a foam brush. You can also just put the stain on with an old rag. I personally prefer the foam brush because I find it easier to get in the corners.

Once the stain dries (I left my pieces overnight to dry), it's time to add the drawer pulls. I got my pulls at Lowe's. This particular style comes in a pack of 10 and then I just got two more individual pulls. Save yourself the headache and purchase this template for putting in the drawer holes. Trust me, you'll save so much time using this little tool!

This was such a simple transformation project and I love how they turned out. I did leave the pieces out in our shop for a few days to air out. The stain smell is very strong and can take over your house if you move it in too soon after staining.

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