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New Year, "New" Furniture

Don’t you just love the start of a new year?! It’s like you have a blank canvas that can be painted however you wish! This time of year, most of the focus is on creating a new and improved self, but I like to also turn the focus on a new and improved house.

I know what you’re thinking. The holidays just ended, resources are scarce, so now is not the time to invest in changing up your home decor. However, giving new life to something you already have costs you next to nothing and can make a big impact! I love taking a paint brush to an old piece of furniture to give it a whole new look!

Here is a metal set of chairs that started out white, painted blue, and then red & white with a Razorback. Same set, different look!

Here's another furniture set that started out natural wood, painted bright colors, and then finally neutral for the farmhouse style. This just shows you how my taste changes!

This was a chair I recovered and painted solely to resell.

There are so many reasons to teach yourself the art of furniture re-purposing. These days there are numerous online tutorials that it’s become nearly a foolproof way to save money, start a fun new hobby or even launch a lucrative side hustle that can turn into a career!

Here are 5 reasons to learn the art of furniture refinishing:

1. Low-Cost, High Impact: Beautiful furniture is no longer a budget breaker as you learn the skills to fix or design your very own pieces. You can easily fix broken pieces, change colors or styles as trends change or as your tastes evolve over time. I’m notorious for changing up my taste and painting furniture is an economical way to change it up.

2. And…It Adds Value: Most people who learn the art of furniture re-purposing begin to take on more sophisticated home improvement projects like painting kitchen cabinets, painting banisters. If done well, these projects can add value to your home. Check out my post on painting my bathroom cabinets here.

3. You Recognize GOOD Design: You start to understand how the furniture is made, and you recognize good design when you see it. You can often find really good pieces of furniture at thrift stores and Goodwill.

4. You Become an Expert: You’ll develop a style that works for you. AND you’ll understand many finishes and how to achieve them. Soon you’ll be able to tackle almost any project that comes along.

5. Create Your Own Side Hustle: Furniture re-purposing is the ground floor for starting your own creative business.

One to follow: I love following other painters on social media and one of my very favorites when it comes to painting furniture is Painted by Kayla Payne. She is unbelievably talented! She also offers online courses and tutorials for step by step instructions. Check out her work!

Isn't this piece to die for?! This was transformed by Kayla Payne.

I encourage you to tackle a project of your own. Start with something small that you don't care if it gets messed up so you can practice. Just like with most things, the more you do it, the easier it will become! Good luck!

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