• Becca Clifton

Simple DIY Fire Pit

One of my very favorite things about cooler temperatures is sitting around a warm fire. The fall after we bought our house, we planned a large get together with friends to celebrate our new home. We knew that we wanted to have a fire set up outside, but also knew we didn't want to burn a random place in our yard to do it. My husband works very hard to keep an immaculate yard and burning a random spot in the yard just wasn't an option.

We started discussing plans for building a permanent fire pit that would look nice, but wouldn't break the bank to build it. Not only did we achieve that, we were able to get all the materials and build it all in the same day. This is a really simple project.


Landscape blocks (we used 34 total)

Bag of lava rocks


1. Start out by marking off your pit and clearing the ground. We did this by placing the first layer of blocks in a circle and then spraying the grass with round-up to keep from having grass grow up in the middle of it.

2. Add your second and third layer of blocks. Make sure you leave a small gap in between the blocks to allow for air to flow through. This is necessary for your fire to make.

3. Cover the ground inside the fire pit with sand.

4. Add lava rocks and sprinkle sand in between the rocks

That's it! Now just gather wood, ingredients for making s'mores, and sit back and admire your new fire pit!

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