• Becca Clifton

The kitchen table.

It is no secret that I'm a sucker for furniture and decor that are sentimental and tell a story. When we moved into our home a couple years ago, my mom surprised me by handing down my grandmother's kitchen table. It was a table I have admired since my childhood and have always said I would really love to have one day.

When you look at this table, it is covered in marks and imperfections. It's so well made that it has survived the test of time. It would be a perfect candidate for a complete makeover, but that would completely ruin the table. You see, this table carries with it a past, some of which I never got to experience.

Each time I look at this table, I'm reminded of my grandmother and the specials memories we have shared. Every summer when I was a little girl I would spend a week at her house. She lived a couple hours from us and I remember always feeling so big to travel all the way to Grandma's house and spend the week with her without my parents. That week would be spent doing all the things! We'd walk to the local convenient store to get an Icee, play on the playground at the same school my mom went to, go out to the lake where my grandma had a lake house, and fall asleep at night while she told the BEST stories! She was such a fun grandma! There was so much time spent sitting and laughing with her at this kitchen table.

My family celebrating my Grandma's birthday. She was loved by all that knew her.

When my mom was only fifteen years old her dad, my Grandpa John, died of a heart attack. My mom has told us numerous stories of the kind of person he was and how much he would have loved being a grandpa. I have always loved hearing stories about him! My grandma would also tell us stories always referring to him as "her beloved Johnny." My Grandpa John passed away nearly 50 years before my grandmother, but she never remarried. I always thought it must have been because no one compared to her beloved Johnny which only made my longing for knowing him stronger. He sat at the head of this kitchen table.

This is my mom and Grandpa John squirrel hunting the weekend before he passed. My mom still cherishes this memory.

This is my Grandma Dee & Grandpa John.

My mom is one of five kids; three girls and two boys. One of her brothers, my Uncle Mike, passed away tragically before I was born, but my mom has always made sure to tell us about him and how close they were. My mom's other brother, my Uncle Brad, passed away a couple years ago. He was a master at building furniture! I could have learned so much from him in building my own furniture. My mom has two sisters, my Aunt Chris & Aunt Debbie. My Aunt Chris was a successful lawyer in Alaska and is now retired living the good life in New Orleans. My Aunt Debbie is a master gardener and has a yard that resembles something you might find in a magazine. They all sat at this kitchen table.

You see, this kitchen table is far more than a place to sit and eat and have conversation. It represents a time when my mom's whole family was together at one time, something I never experienced. Having this piece in my kitchen brings me so much joy! I pray that my daughter or one of my nieces will find the sentiment in this special piece so they too can have it in their house one day.

Do you have any pieces in your home that mean so much to you?

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